Thursday, 10 February 2011

21. Chinatown

What it's about
A private detective investigates murder and the LA water supply.

What I thought
 I liked the man's car and I liked the sound of the water.

What Mum thought
Mum had seen this one before. "The direction, the screenplay, the acting, the cinematography and the soundtrack combine to make a convincing and atmospheric noir film. I can't say it's something I'd chose to watch again or class as a favourite, but certainly well made"

What Dad thought
First time for Dad. "A classic noir detective story. Nicholson gives a strong performance as a private detective on the case of a missing person. There are some great shots in the film, at one point a great shot filmed in the car's wing mirror.

This film can be considered excellent but coming so close of the heels of Sunset Blvd means I can't rate it as highly as I would have done."

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