Tuesday, 22 November 2011

55. North by Northwest

What it's about
A man gets mistaken for a government agent.

What I thought
I loved the planes.

What Mum thought
Mum had seen this one before. "How can I explain why this is my favourite Hitchcock? It's probably Grant's character, Roger 'O' Thornhill. What's the O stand for? Nothing. The script is witty, the dialogue and situations purposefully exaggerated by Hitchcock. It's a James Bond film directed by Hitchcock - particularly if you take into account that Fleming was thinking of Grant's on screen persona as he created Bond and that Grant was the first choice to play Bond."

What Dad thought
First time for Dad. "Really enjoyed this movie. I find that Hitchcock can be very hit and miss. I didn't enjoy Vertigo but did enjoy Rear Window, The Birds and North by Northwest. Hitchcock is a matster of suspense of course, and this lends itself very well to a spy film. The mistaken identity plot device has rarely been done better. As much as I hate to say it, great acting, great direction and a great script combine to make a great film."

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