Sunday, 6 March 2011

27. High Noon

What it's about
A Marshall stands up against some baddies and everybody else in the town hides.

What I thought
I really like the song in it.

What Mum thought
Mum had seen this one before. "This is one of my favourite Westerns, very pleased to see it on the list. I love this film for a number of reasons. Firstly, Cooper's performance is brilliant, Kane has a remarkable amount of inner-strength and morality which enables him to uphold the law at all costs, even if it means losing his new wife. I love the song, although perhaps Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling is played a little too often in it, also the cinematography is brilliant, in particular the crane shot and the clocks as the movie counts down to noon."

What Dad thought
First time for Dad.(Contains spoilers)

"OMG! This film was amazing! I loved all of it! The fact its filmed in real time (or as close as to not bicker), the performances of all the characters and the soundtrack.

“Do not forsake me oh my darling.”

The film tells the story of a sheriff looking for help in dealing with a pose of criminals but every where he turns he just gets embarrassed looks and weak excuses. In this respect it seems realistic. People don’t want to get involved, they want to be looked after but don’t want to get there hands dirty.

The ending was classic as well, with him just leaving the town to their fate and riding off with his wife. Loved it."

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