Wednesday, 1 June 2011

43. Midnight Cowboy

What it's about
It's about two friends who live in New York.

What I thought
I liked the music and Ratso.

What Mum thought
Mum had seen this one before. "Another one I can appreciate but wouldn't watch all that often. Brilliant performance from Hoffman, Voigt does well as the naive Joe. The cinematography is good, and I do like the dream sequences. Ratso is the best thing about the film. "

What Dad thought
Dad had seen this one before. "'I’m walking Here!'
A film stealing performance by Dustin Hoffman (he’s on this list a lot!) Ratso/Rico is my favourite thing of about this film. I never really took to Jon Voight’s character, he just seems to be an idiot. I understand that the film is about the yin-yang relationship of Rico’s bitter streetwise knowledge and Joe’s hopeless naivety and optimism but I really didn’t care about Joe."

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