Saturday, 4 June 2011

46. It Happened One Night

What it's about
A lady runs away and meets a man she thinks is annoying.

What I thought
I like Clark Gable.

What Mum thought
Mum had seen this one before. "Another one I love. The Walls of Jericho scene, the hitching a ride scene, Gable staying behind as Colbert misses her bus... he might not have a huge part in it but I have to say Ellie's Dad makes the ending for me. Capra created a brilliant RomCom with aspects you can see again and again as newer film-makers try to make something as good as this."

What Dad thought
First time for Dad."Do you love her?
Yes but don’t hold that against me, I’m a little screwy myself.

This was a fantastic film. Not only did it have the great performance and witty script that we have come to expect from most of the films on this list it was genuinely laugh out load funny and heart felt.
I loved the development of the relationship between Peter and Ellie, the one liners and the happy ending. Great film."

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