Tuesday, 25 January 2011

12. The Searchers

What it's about
It's about a man who hates everybody and his search for his niece.

What I thought
I wasn't impressed. I cried instead. Might be because I'm teething.

What Mum thought
First time for Mum. "I do like Westerns, but there are so many others better than this. I don't get why it's so high  or even why it's on the list at all. It's certainly not John Ford's best, and  I'd rate True Grit higher as far as Wayne films go. As far as the characters and performances, I couldn't agree less with your dad."

What Dad thought
First time for Dad. "I liked this one. The idea of spending so long to find his niece touched a chord with me. There was some amazing cinematography. The final panning shot out as the door closes comes to mind. The scenery was beautiful and there were some strong performances. The characters were well realised and not the two dimensional stereotypes I expected. I just don't know if I would consider it the best Western of all time. I've seen better."

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