Tuesday, 25 January 2011

14. Psycho

What it's about
A woman steals some money and finds herself at a motel she shouldn't have gone to.

What I thought
I didn't like the music, and I didn't like the screaming. But I do love my mother.

What Mum thought
 Mum's seen this a few times before. "This is one of my favourite Hitchcock films. It's easily the best thriller/horror out there. Perkins performance is brilliant, understated and adds so much to the atmosphere Hitchcock created in this film. Van Sant's attempt at a remake could never have come close to this."

What Dad thought
Dad had seen this one before. "I like Psycho. I think it was the first film I watched that demonstrated you didn't need oceans of blood to be scary and that you don't need a big build-up to each scare, sometimes you can just say 'Boo!' I love the reveal and for its time it was groundbreaking, though it is much imitated now. Hitchcock's directing is spot on and great performances from the cast."

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