Tuesday, 25 January 2011

13. Star Wars

What it's about
Do I really need to tell you? It's about a man who rescues a princess. First one on the list we've all seen.

What I thought
Second viewing for me. I loved the music, the aliens. I love R2D2. I love the space ships. It's great.

What Mum thought
 Mum's seen this a few times before. "It's Star Wars! What's not to like?"

What Dad thought
Dad's a Star Wars geek, he's seen it a few times before. "Star Wars, how I love thee, let me count the ways... Hans freakin' Solo; one of the best anti-heroes ever brought to screen, Vader; Somerset lad makes good. Tarkin and X-Wings and Jawas... What's not to love??? Well, if you are a purest like me then you DO NOT like the special editions! Why make Greddo shoot first? It was fine before. Of course Han shot first, Greddo's an idiot. Why does Luke's light sabre change colour for no reason? Blue, then briefly green, then blue again?

Star Wars how I love thee, but in your pure, unsullied form. Bring on the original. That's the one we should have watched."


  1. :-)

    It's a shame there's no David Lynch in the top 100. I could then have a bash at trying to compete with dad's impressive level of geekness (is that even a word?)...

  2. I'd say geekiness, but I'm not sure that's a word either.

    We are accepting further suggestions of films for when the 100 are done if you want to add any. At 101 is Dr Zhivago which Trudi was mortified to find absent from the list. But it is a British film so it's not all that surprising.